Company Introduction

Greatwell Co., Ltd. is located in the economic and technological development zone of HuaiAn, JiangSu province, China and is established on November, 2014. Automotive parts mainly used in intake and exhaust system, oil and gas pump parts, and construction hardware parts are the three main products within the foundry through investment and sand casting process by using series of stainless steels, carbon steels and cast irons. Several steps of machining like milling or turning, post-heat treatments and measurements could also be done via different machines or instruments by ourselves. We had more than 200 employees in the factory and the total pouring capacity would be reached over 100 metric tons per month. Based on our huge capacity mentioned above, Greatwell integrates the internal resources and extends the external supply chain to meet varieties of requirements from customers around the global market.

Solution Provider

Our buyers are around the world from the U.S.A in North America, Germany and Italy in Europe, Taiwan in Asia, New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere, etc. As a substantial provider for these customers, we could make the products based on their special demands or called "the customization". Also, our group of engineers would give some suggestions in a very short time about problems solving that arised from the producing process. In addition, our research team has the ability to shorten the time of new mold development for customers to take some actions responded to the rapid marketing changes. Meanwhile, because of the huge pouring capacity of Greatwell, it's flexible for us to meet the changing needs from customers.

Quality Control

At Greatwell, keeping the quality at the flawless level is engrained in every process we did and every piece we made. In order to achieve the goals of making the products without any defects and the dimension is perfect, we incorporate the procedures like in-process and final-piece inspections, critical dimension assessments and process control at some points. Our quality policy ensures us to fulfill the demands from the customers and also to adhere to the most demanding industrial specifications. The standards we made are based on ISO 9001:2015.