Manufacturing Facilities

Investment casting or called lost-wax casting is a worldwide popular process for making and doing machining afterwards of the metal parts. The castings usually have the complicated structure that couldn't be made through other casting methods. We do a great job on controlling the dimension and tolerance precisely and the surface of final castings is very smooth without any holes or lines. In addition, we do many inspections and measurements included leakage tests for automotive parts and oil soaked for lubrication for pump parts to meet all the requirements of these parts. Here lists some important facilities that would be used in typical investment casting process.

Wax Mold Making Machine Wax Mold Making Machine
Dipping and Coating Machine Dipping and Coating Machine
Dewaxing Machine Dewaxing Machine
Smelting Furnace Smelting Furnace
Cutting Machine Cutting Machine
Sandblasting and
Shot Blasting Machine
Sandblasting Machine
Shot Blasting Machine Shot Blasting Machine
Straightening Machine Straightening Machine