Manufacturing Facilities

Greatwell is specialized in investment and sand casting process by using series of stainless steels, carbon steels and cast irons for making mostly automotive parts, oil and gas parts, and construction hardware parts. Any shapes of products could be produced through the hard-working of our workers and the research group, no matter how complicated the products are. Greatwell is a trustworthy company by our customers on the ability of producing.

As a professional casting processor, we offer a whole services from new mold design and development to further mass production procedures such as wax mold making, dipping, dewaxing, smelting, cutting, and sandblasting or shot blasting. Furthermore, post-heat treatments like fixing, welding, and straightening could also be done within our foundry. The table below shows the raw materials we used and the limitation on weight and dimension of these two casting processes.

Investment Casting Sand casting
Materials Stainless Steels or Carbon Steels Gray Cast Irons, Ductile Cast Irons, and High-Ni Alloy Cast Irons
Weight Max. 20 kg Max. 3 kg
Dimension Max. 400 mm Max. 200 mm