Testing Instruments

Having a testing laboratory with various instruments within our foundry for the measurement and inspection, we could ensure all the products have optimal properties and the same dimension as demand from customers before packaging and shipping. Furthermore, no holes or flaws exist in internal structure of parts is a crucial requirement for our inspectors during the inspection. Here lists some instruments that we used for testing.

Spectrometer Spectrometer
Coordinate Measuring Machine Coordinate_Measuring_Machine
Digital Caliper Digital_Caliper
Measuring Projector Measuring_Projector
Microscope Microscope
Roughness Tester Roughness_Tester
Hardness Tester Hardness_Tester
Universal Tensile Tester Universal_Tensile_Tester
Inside Micrometer Inside_Micrometer
Outside Micrometer Outside_Micrometer
Charpy Impact Test Charpy_Impact_Test
Deflection Instrument Deflection_Instrument